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El Niño continues to affect vegetable crops in Costa Rica

The climatic effects of El Niño continue to affect vegetable crops in the Cartago area. The lack of rain keeps producers pinning their hopes on the onset of the rainy season, starting in the second half of May.
On a tour of the San Juan de Chicuá area, in Cartago, La Nación spoke with farmers in the first week of May, who confirmed the effects on potato and onion crops, among other crops.
According to the record of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), in its latest analysis, carried out on April 19, El Niño has a 35% probability of continuing between April and June , indicating that the phenomenon is decreasing. The neutral phase is expected to establish itself at 65% and La Niña has a 0% probability.

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  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    1 w

    The harsh effects of climate change at display. If we don't act now, the world stare at the danger of starvation

    • George Kariuki

      1 w

      Thinking of the Costa Rican farmers dealing with El Niño's impact on their veggies. We need to be prepared for these climate extremes though. Sending strength to Costa Rica's agricultural sector.

      • Joshua

        1 w

        So sad for the good people... Nature never forgives

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          1 w

          This is worrying for it could lead to shortage of food, mitigation measures needs to be put into place to curb the climate change menaces

          • Annett Michuki..

            1 w

            we are facing a food shortage if the rains continues

            • Jane Wangui

              1 w

              The el Nino rains which are as a result of change in the climatic conditions could lead to lack of food security in a country,thus appropriate measures should be taken to curb the issue of pollution.

              • Kathia Aguilar Martin

                1 w

                @jane_wangui Since Costa Rica is not a major contributor to GHG emissions, we are focusing on adaptation measures for these kind of crops for their resilience. However, Costa Rica is also implementing mitigation measures, specially with main polluters.

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