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♻️ Plastic is turned into hydrogen - a clean source of fuel

Scientists can turn plastic waste into hydrogen which is usable as a clean source of fuel. The procedure is quite easy - the scientists simply microwave the plastic. You can read the whole article on Warp News:

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  • Kihm Francis

    30 w

    Great news!! Let's all try to leave the earth a better place than we found it. Small acts when multiplied by millions of people transform's the world.

    • Timothy Ndegwa

      30 w

      Congratulations Peter Edwards and your team for offering a sustainable solutions to plastics that end up in land fills

      • Peter Kamau

        30 w

        Awesome!I see a future where apartment owners will be required to have a mechanism/system that recycles waste and give back fuel as a complimentary to their clients.

        • Gorffly mokua

          30 w

          This is great! This can Atleast satisfy upto 3-5% of the annual demand of gasoline or diesel fuels!! Such innovations and projects should supported & well Financed.

        • C-CUBED 🇳🇬

          30 w

          Clean is green! Historic victory worthy of celebration truly

          • Tabitha Kimani

            30 w

            A break through that we have been waiting for. Kudos to the team that has worked tirelessly to sort the plastics mess.

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