Climate idea

Patrik Lobergh

6 w

We Don't Have Time

Climate idea

We Don´t Have time to take an active role counteracting climate sceptic and climate deniers broadcast by advertisings

We Have all seen them, the adverts and the populistic messages and articles where organisations and people are indirectly broadcasting the messages that: don´t worry and continuing living your life as you always have done, as there would be no tomorrow.
Examples are: Airline Industry with e.g. Lufthansa and SAS, car industry with e.g. BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche, oil and gas industry with ExxonMobil and BP, just to mention a few of the unsustainable business models.
We shouldn´t underestimate the strong power of media as a very important part of the equation, and Axel Springer SE is one of them.
The Axel Springer company is the largest publishing house in Europe and controls the largest share of the German market for daily newspapers; 23.6%, largely because its flagship tabloid "Bild" is the highest-circulation newspaper in Europe, with a daily readership exceeding 12 million.
They have been around since just after the World War 2 and have an enormous reach still today, and they are today a major political force and part of the problem why normal German people and politicians are not changing their ways of living and why the German nation is way behind many other European countries.
Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Axel Springer Verlag is a wannabe and friend of some very special (from a negative aspect) people like e.g. Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk but also German Liberal party FDP, who is part of the German Government but is obstructing any sustainable changes of legislation to save our climate.
An idea how to counteract those dark forces is that We Don´t Have Time could start to launch counter campaigns, if for example Lufthansa claims that they are "green" - just put up a counter advert to take their claims apart by facts in a crowd founded advert of the We Don´t Have Time community!
I hope this proposal can stimulate some serious discussions and actions for how we can channelise the intelligence and power of We Don´t Have Time community into counteracting all the dark forces out there, who want to protect the status quo and and do not care about our planet, our nature, mankind and society.
Even European Union is often not able to take stringent and powerful decisions, as they need to take considerations to individual strong membership states like e.g. France or Germany.

Yours truly,
Patrik Lobergh

Ps. the picture below is from today´s quality newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung", and it says "get my opinion", as the Bild-Zeitung under the CEO Mathias Döpfner has turned into his mindsets personal megaphone.

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  • Evangeline Wanjiru

    6 w

    Congrats WDHT.

    • Gorffly mokua

      6 w


      • Mc Kaka

        6 w

        Congratulations @wedonthavetime for always being Frontline in finding sustainable solutions for our planet

        • Jane Wangui

          6 w

          @mc_kaka a great initiative

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