Gorffly mokua's post

Meet the eastern bristlebird: tragically under-appreciated, and one fire away from local extinction. In 1962, renowned American conservationist Rachel Carson wrote a book entitled “Silent Spring” after she noticed the birdsong she used to wake up to as a child had been thinning. Its eventual absence had become almost deafening. This deep dive into one of the tragedies of biodiversity loss eventually became one of the most influential works contributing to changes in legislation and practices surrounding the use of pesticides in the United States, and worldwide. Its title, however, continues to resonate with many of us: birds (and frogs, insects, and many other animals) seem to announce their arrivals with songs and calls. Their absence becomes notable when the singing stops, and silence takes over!!

  • walter lungayi

    75 w

    So sad...yet they call themselves developed countries...we should rethink on improvement of our environment without forgetting other creatures like these.

    • Waigwa Monica

      75 w

      This is so sad. Human actions are severely diminishing our biodiversity. We need to reverse this, #WeDontHaveTime.

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