Tabitha Kimani's post

I have copied the poem from FB. The image depicts human actions and the consequences in an ecosystem.
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"A lot of you despise me,
And I don't understand why.
I am not ugly or deserving of your hate.
I survive every day on the streets,
That used to be meadows.
There are no tasty seeds,
Because you turned trees into buildings.
I eat what you throw on the ground,
Because I have no choice.
Water is harder and harder to find.
Do you know what it takes to survive in a world that is not mine anymore?
Please don't scare me or hurt me,
Just let me live -
Live in your world that was once mine.."
  • johnte ndeto

    12 w

    Nice poem I've even recited to my friends @patrick

    • Munene Mugambi

      12 w

      This is a sad depiction of what human activities have forced our avian communities into.

      • Rashid Kamau

        12 w

        We should restore our ecosystems for a brighter future.

        • Rotich Kim

          12 w

          This show alot and it raise concern about our environment and future of our ecosystem

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