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Our Planet: Chaos in the climate leads to mass death

Chaos in the climate leads to mass death The planet's climate is now changing so fast that the animals and plants cannot keep up. Every other mammal species is already threatened, and in a race against time, biologists are fighting to save the planet's wildlife, either alive or as frozen DNA. No animal in the wild can threaten the Arctic's largest predator. With a weight of up to 700 kilograms and ten centimeter long claws, the polar bear has roamed undisturbed in the wilderness for millennia, hunting seals, fish and walruses. But now it may soon be over. The polar bear hunts from ice floes on the sea, but human-caused global warming means that each year the ice melts earlier in the spring and freezes until later in the fall. This means that hunting opportunities are reduced and that the bear does not have time to adapt to climate change. Some biologists believe this century may be the last with wild polar bears. Many other species will suffer the same fate and the consequences of this development are incalculable. All animals have an important place in the planet's ecosystem, and when one of them disappears, nature risks collapsing. In a race against time, biologists are trying to keep the endangered animals alive and enable future generations of humans to see them resurrected. Three quarters of all species extinct Scientists believe that climate change in the next few years will wipe out species so quickly that it is a mass extinction, the sixth in Earth's history.

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  • Kevin

    42 w

    The climate crisis causing species extinction is really sad

    • Hilda Wangui

      43 w

      So sad to see some species extinction in great masses due to climate crisis

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