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Enlit Europe

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Enlit Europe at SET Tech Festival 2021: Amplifying voices of the foremost minds in energy

What are the foremost minds in the global race to #energytransition working on? Our partners from @Enlit Europe joined us at the SET Tech Festival 2022 to deep dive into the topic. Their latest video presents to you the inspiring technological advancements being put forward by the #SET22 finalists, industry leaders’ views on how we are faring with decarbonising energy as well as the moves that we must now embark upon to exponentially scale up innovative ideas. ⚡️ 🥁 Be sure to catch the most important snippets of the #SETTF22 coming to you from the heart of the European #climatetech ecosystem 👉

Exploring how start ups can accelerate the energy transition | Enlit World

The Enlit visited the Start Up Energy Transition Festival to explore the role startups can play in speeding up the energy transition.

📌 Would you like visit Berlin for upcoming SET Tech Festival 2023 all expenses covered? Then be sure to apply for the Award by 16.01 👉

Top Innovative Energy Solutions | Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award

The SET Award is an international competition for start-ups working on innovative energy and mobility solutions!

Andreas Kuhlmann | Pia Dorfinger | Christian Rood | Louison Le Nahedic | Dr. Arthur Singer | Christian Albrecht | Leon Farrant | Britt Burnett | Remi Desa | Adrián Bolívar López | Sara Woodgate Rogier Kuttschneider
#EnlitontheRoad #SETAward #innovation #startups #networking

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