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🌿📊 Climate Review: Moderna Trähus 🌍

Moderna Trähus have done a carbon accounting report, which we at ClimateHero have assisted them with. In their inaugural climate report, Moderna Trähus showcases their commitment to transparency and sustainability. The report, based on 2022 data, outlines their climate impact assessment, goals for emissions reduction, and strategies for increased transparency and traceability.
ClimateHeros’ statement:
Moderna Trähus aim to change the whole building branch they operate in. They are admirable; even as a small player in the market of house construction, they have long been dedicated in their business to build with sustainably sourced wood. With this climate report, they have mapped out the emissions in their value chain, especially in scope 3 to a large extent, thereby achieving broad coverage of their emissions. Moderna Trähus have also set goals to address reducing their emissions in a larger part of their value chain, beyond just sourcing good and sustainable wood materials. Sometimes it’s hard just by numbers to understand a company’s climate action, however, Moderna Trähus is a client truly invested in making a real change.
Climate Goals:
- Achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 - Halve emissions by 2030 - Reduce emissions by 25% by 2025 (These targets are intensity targets based on turnover)
Key Findings:
- Total emissions for 2022: 430 tons CO2e Scope breakdown: Scope 1: Direct emissions: 6% Scope 2: Indirect emissions from energy use: 0% Scope 3: Upstream and downstream emissions: 94%
Next Steps:
- Conduct multi-year comparisons in future reports Expand focus on broader climate engagement with stakeholders
Stay tuned for Moderna Trähus's continued efforts in climate action and join their journey towards a greener future! Don’t miss out on their 3 minute video where their CEO talks about their extensive climate work:

For more insights about their climate report , visit:

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  • Markus Lutteman

    9 w

    This is great. Moderna Trähus is setting a very good standard for others to follow.

    • ClimateHero

      9 w

      @Markus_Lutteman Indeed, we totally agree!

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