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Today is #WorldWildlifeDay and exactly 50 days until #EarthDay. That’s why it’s also the start of our #50DaysToMakeADifference campaign! Donate here:

Our team of world-class climate scientists have published an open letter reminding us that climate philanthropy works – and that it’s critically underfunded. These scientists oversee the curation of the ‘Global Returns Portfolio’: a selection of diverse, effective and scalable not-for-profit organisations tackling climate change. They’re asking us all to donate a proportion of our savings and investments to the Portfolio ahead of Earth Day 2023. They suggest just 0.25%, and if everyone that, it would really make a difference. Their goal funding goal is £150,000. Check out the open letter for the full list of climate solutions that £150k would deliver. Read the full letter here:

As the scientists say: ‘Together, let’s take the simple and effective individual climate action we too often ignore. Let’s deliver fast, impactful and identifiable climate solutions’.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    72 w

    Great campaign!


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