Three jury groups at work for the biennial 2024

The application for artists closed on February 28 and now the selection process of artworks begins. The selection work is led by OpenArt's producers and just like before several jury groups are invited to participate in the process.

We are in the process of gathering our three jury groups. All the jury groups task is to cooperate to arrive at a decision that will work as a recommendation to the OpenArt-team. To work with jury groups is to create involvement, get a wider representation in the selection process and to bring in other people's perspectives enables an exhibition with greater variety.
From the left: one of the members in The Art Jury and Sofia Gustafsson, producer at OpenArt.
From the left: one of the members in The Art Jury and Sofia Gustafsson, producer at OpenArt.

The Art Jury consist of three professionals working in the art field. The Art Jury looked at 300 of the 600 applications we received and gave the OpenArt-team their 12 favourites. During the summer, when the artists have been selected, we will present the art jury’s members.
Some of the pupils from year 2 at Sörbyskolan, Örebro.
Some of the pupils from year 2 at Sörbyskolan, Örebro.

The Kid’s Jury consist of a year 2 in primary school and a year 4 in middle school at Sörbyskolan in Örebro. Sörbyskolan is OpenArt’s partner school, and we have worked together with them in different projects before including The Kid’s Jury 2020, for the biennial 2021 (postponed to 2022). This year’s kid jury will be looking at 12 selected artworks and we will receive a top three list from them. They work with the artworks presented during two art classes together with their teacher.
“It's significant to us to hear the kids’ thoughts and bring them into the exhibition and the selection. Children are often freer in thought than many grown-ups and we want to change the perspective and how we look at art, which is in line with the fact that The Convention on the Rights of the Child has become law. The collaboration creates participation and pride at the school.” Says Felicia Bjärmark Esbjörnsson, project leader for The Kid’s Jury.
The classes will still be in school in 2024, when the next biennial is taking place, and will be able to see what they picked out in the public space.

The Peoples Jury consist of citizens of Örebro, they have filled out an interest form and a questionnaire. Then a constellation has been put together based on age, zip code number, perspective and experiences of art to create a varied group to represent Örebro. The Peoples Jury will be looking at 30 artworks.
"We see a strength in the fact that the members come from different backgrounds and have different occupations. But what they have in common, apart from the connection to Örebro, is the love of art and commitment to OpenArt.” says Sofia Gustafsson.
Artists can expect an answer from OpenArt in the end of May.
  • Sarah Chabane

    61 w

    Thank you for sharing about your process! I look forward to the 2024 edition of Openart!

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