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Did you get the announcement? Annually the world spends trillions on fossil fuel technology, if fossil fuels deplete or supplies are stopped these technologies become worthless. Unfortunately fossil fuels will one-day run out and once they're gone they are irreplaceable for millions of years. Hence we are currently destroying valuable stock and causing irreversible damage to human health and the environment, which is far more valuable? Once depleted, the absence of such crude oil will create a huge gap in the chemical industry. These chemicals won't be available for medicines, medical plastics or tarmac for roads for the next generation. Future generations need to inherit dependable solutions that stand the test of time. The economy of the world and its future relies on selecting the best most sustainable renewable solutions. ITS YOUR CHANCE TO SPREAD THE WORD!! Active Kinetic 1 provides a new method to generate electricity that is 100% carbon free and competes with fossil fuel, nuclear, solar and even wind turbines, additionally it reduces the need for battery storage technology!

  • Timothy Ndegwa

    20 w

    To put it simply, we can't burn our way to prosperity because of the very real threat of climate change. Already, our reliance on fossil fuels is excessive. To get to the future we envision, we need to develop a different, more long-term approach. A green industrial revolution is essential. Keep up Active Kinetic 1 - ENERGY IS FREE the amazing work you are doing

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