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Climate warning

Libya’s floods are result of climate crisis meeting a failed state

The two large dams built in the narrow valley above Derna were an accident waiting to happen, especially because poorly constructed housing built close to the river had become increasingly dense and high-rise. Built in the 1970s by a Yugoslav company, the risk posed by the two dams and their state of decay was the subject of a lengthy academic article in 2022, calculating what weight of water would crush them and how it might run off given the topography.

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  • Esther Wanjiku

    40 w

    We should all come together and realize the urgency of climate action

    • john linus Tom

      40 w

      The best way to cub this is to act positively, climate action now

      • George Kariuki

        40 w

        This was a long way coming.

        • Gorffly mokua

          40 w

          Every nation should learn from this!! If we don't take an urgent climate action, then the wrath of climate crisis awaits us!

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