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Paris investing €250 million to become a 100% ‘cycling city’

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With the proposed development of new infrastructure, including large-scale implementation of secure parking solutions and strengthening of the cycling ecosystem, the 2021-2026 bike plan aims to make Paris a 100% cycling city.
Paris’ new bike plan for a 100% cycling city

Bike plan, act 2: after a first plan (2015-2020) of 150 million euros, a new 2021-2026 plan further increases the presence of bicycles in Paris and continues the construction of the bike city initiated for 20 years. This represents a budget of more than €250 million in investments, an additional €100 million compared to the bike plan of the previous mandate. The main objectives of this new plan are:

Towards a complete cycling network

In 2021, Paris has more than 1,000 km of cycling facilities, including more than 300 km of slopes and 52 km of provisional tracks completed after the first lockdown. These will be fully sustainable.

180 km of new secure tracks

130 km of new slopes
52 km of perpetuated "coronapists"

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Bicycle infrastructure Upgrades citywide

Bicycle infrastructure in Paris is based on cycling axes to be developed, axes at the Parisian, metropolitan or regional level.

The following are concerned:

The integration of the RER-Bicycle of the Île-de-France Region and the Vélopolitain of the Métropole du Grand Paris, as well as the continuities between the Parisian bike paths and the bike paths of neighbouring municipalities.
The Parisian Vélopolitain network integrates the axes of the Vélo RER for regional purposes and is part of the Vélopolitain network of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, which is developing beyond the ring road to mesh the entire metropolis.
The secondary network aims to complement the reinforcement of the main network by offering a good mesh density in order to capture most bike trips greater than 1 km. This network is particularly useful for inter-district travel.
The local service network aims to allow cyclists to be moved to all the streets of the capital so that cycling is possible from start to finish.

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  • Joseph Githinji

    67 w

    Body fitness and environmental healthy, a stone for two birds

    • Patrik Lobergh

      67 w

      The best way to discover Paris!💕

      • Munene Mugambi

        67 w

        A great way to move around while also ensuring the environment is safe.

        • Tabitha Kimani

          67 w

          Cycling is also a healthy way to keep fit.

          • Marine Stephan

            67 w

            This is great!

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