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By: Tim Christofffersen

Reflecting on the new #EU Nature Restoration Law, three questions are on my mind: 1️⃣ Climate change & nature loss are material risks for businesses. But only few spoke out for the EU Green Deal's NRL (e.g. Nestlé, Danone, Unilever, VELUX, IKEA, Salesforce, and 80 signatories of a Business for Nature letter). How do we encourage hundreds of companies to publish ambitious Climate & Nature Policy Priorities? Please feel free to copy and adapt from ours, if useful: 👉


2️⃣ In the coming months, the law still faces an uphill battle until final adoption. Who will keep the focus on the immense opportunities that a nature restoration economy holds, and how will we ensure sufficient incentives to farmers? 3️⃣ In just a few years from now, nature investments (or the 'nature repair market' as e.g. Australia calls it) will be a multi-billion € asset class. If and when for example the Scandinavian countries decide to restore all their peatlands, a 3+ billion € project, which companies will answer their call? There are dozens of engineering firms for 'grey' infrastructure like roads or airport. But not yet for large nature restoration projects. How can we best build this necessary industry? Post a comment if you have ideas. Justin Adams OBE WWF (European Policy Office) Jutta Paulus Ursula Woodburn Martin Berg Patrick Greenfield Alexia Kelly Eva Zabey Pavan Sukhdev Mairead Cahill Thomas Lingard Zoe Metcalfe #RestoreNature #GenerationRestoration #eugreendeal #climateaction #netzero #naturebasedsolutions #naturepositive
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