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Humans have a terrible track record when it comes to driving other species to extinction. While many of these examples come from recent decades, silphion, a medicinal wonder plant from the Mediterranean, is believed to have been the first. . From before the days of Athens and to the height of the Roman Empire, silphion was one of the most valuable substances in the region. The plant was not only used as a cure-all for many ailments, but as a spice. But combining its huge demand to its small supply, however (and long regeneration period), the plant was eaten into extinction some 2,000 years ago. . That is, until (possibly) 40 years ago. While it's impossible to confirm as Romans didn't store scientific samples of the plant, a newly discovered species may actually be the legendary silphion. By cross-referencing historical texts, old coins emblazoned with the plant, and even descriptions from Roman cookbooks, some experts believe that the plant must be silphion. The current number of plants cannot sustain extensive medicinal testing (or distribution), but they may someday match their previous glory. . . Read more about silphion's extinction and possible re-discovery: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/miracle-plant-eaten-extinction-2000-years-ago-silphion?rid=FD6458D687BA44528E88BF0F25670FF9&cmpid=org=ngp::mc=crm-email::src=ngp::cmp=editorial::add=Health_20220925 . Graphic shows a stalk of silphion. The factoid reads: "Silphion, the first known organism to be driven to extinction, may have been accidentally rediscovered 40 years ago." . Pixel Planet Today is created by Terrabyte (https://terrbayte.eco). Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. 🌎❤️ . . #silphion #ancientplants #herbology #extinction #extinctplants #medicinalplants #plantconservation #conservation #wonderplant #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

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