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Major Christian charity ditches Barclays over fossil fuel backing

UK charity Christian Aid has decided that it will no longer bank with Barclays due to the multinational bank’s financing of fossil fuels. “Whilst Barclays was able to provide banking services to fragile contexts, their record on fossil fuel finance, and their weak commitment to future improvements in this area meant that we had to seek a more suitable provider,” said Christian Aid’s COO, Martin Birch, in a statement.,bank's%20financing%20of%20fossil%20fuels.

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  • Peter Karanga

    46 w

    Great to see a Christian charity taking a stand against fossil fuels and divesting from Barclays. It's important for organizations to align their investments with their values and support the transition to renewable energy.

    • George Kariuki

      46 w

      This serves as a reminder that businesses need to be mindful of their environmental and social impact.

      • Edwin wangombe

        46 w

        A great method of activism...we should see more Boycotts against those who support the destruction of our planet

        • Rashid Kamau

          46 w

          it's time for Barclays to halt their support for the fossil fuel industry.

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            46 w

            @rashid_kamau Absolutely instead it should give its support to clean energies

          • Peter Kamau

            46 w

            This is an excellent protest by the faith base organisation.

            • Videlis Eddie

              46 w

              @peter_kamau I agree in this too

            • Hilda Wangui

              46 w

              Impressive decision fossils fuel should be condemned

              • Sarah Chabane

                46 w

                Great decision!!

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