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Lake Charles DWI Lawyers Here to Help you with your Legal Needs

Taking a difficult step in life like divorce or facing an unexpected problem like a criminal accusation or investigation, it becomes essential to seek legal advice. That's why our Lake Charles DWI lawyers are here.
At Hinch & Associates PLC we're legal problem solvers. Whatever legal quagmire you're stuck in, our Lake Charles DWI lawyers can eliminate the stress and help you navigate the legal process.
Practical Solutions by Experienced Opportunities
Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers focus on analytical problem-solving with a personalized touch. We have firm relationships with our clients which makes it easier for them to understand their situation and make the best decision going forward. We handle the following cases:
● Criminal Defense
If you've been charged with a crime, or are under investigation for one, our lawyers can help.
● Civil Litigation
From property disputes to contract agreements, we can enforce your rights.
● Personal Injury
If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, our attorneys can help you pursue maximum compensation for your losses.
● Family Law
From divorce and child custody matters to support arrangements and property disputes and more, we offer 360° family law services.
● Professional Discipline
If your professional license has been revoked or suspended, we can help restore it along with preserving your dignity.
If you Have a Problem, We can Solve it
Get in touch with our Lake Charles DWI lawyers to know how we can represent your interests in any legal issue. Call 337-940-9224 to schedule a private consultation.
Business Name:- Hinch and Associates PLC
Address:- 1400 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601
Phone:- (337)-940-9224
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