Climate warning
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Climate warning

Alarming Decision by UK!

According to a concerning report by Euronews, the UK plans to grant 100 new licenses for North Sea oil and gas exploration, despite strong opposition calling it "short-sighted" and "selfish." This move is deeply concerning and contradicts the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. As the world faces the critical climate crisis, continuing to invest in fossil fuels exacerbates the problem and threatens our planet's future. We must hold leaders accountable and demand responsible choices that prioritize the health of our environment over short-term gains. Let's raise our voices against such decisions and advocate for sustainable energy alternatives. Together, we can create a future that safeguards our planet and ensures a thriving world for generations to come. For more information, read the article here: #ClimateWarning #FossilFuels #ClimateCrisis #UrgentAction

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  • George Kariuki

    43 w

    Continuing to invest in fossil fuels contradicts the commitment to reduce carbon emissions and transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources.


      43 w

      We should definitely definitely raise our voices against such decisions. Together we can create a future for generations to come

      • Joseph Githinji

        43 w

        This is totally unacceptable, we must all say no to fossil fuels. Sustainable energy should be the ultimate goal.

        • Rashid Kamau

          43 w

          We are highly discouraging this.

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