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VDL wants to demonstrate that a hydrogen truck can perform the same as a diesel truck

VDL Special Vehicles builds hydrogen trucks for - and with - Toyota Motor Europe to gain knowledge in the field of hydrogen. From the end of 2023, four logistics service providers will drive prototypes of the truck between Toyota sites in Europe for a period of five years. Hans Bekkers, commercial director at VDL Special Vehicles, tells more about this collaboration in an interview with Among other things, he discusses the future of hydrogen trucks and the challenges that still lie ahead for an emission-free future of medium and heavy on- and off-road equipment. Bekkers: "At VDL Special Vehicles we focus on developing and installing alternative powertrains for all kinds of vehicles. For us, the primary goal of the project is to gain more knowledge and experience with hydrogen technology, which we can then also use in other areas. For example, we also focus on construction equipment, airport equipment and agricultural mechanization. These are all disciplines where hydrogen can come into the picture now, or in the long term. So our goal is not so much to become a truck manufacturer, but more to acquire the knowledge of what is under the hood." You can read the full article here: <code>_@0@_


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  • George Kariuki

    45 w

    This collaboration is an encouraging initiative to advance hydrogen technology in the transportation sector.

    • Beatrice Wachera

      46 w

      In love with this innovative solutions

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        46 w

        great innovation

        • rosebellendiritu

          46 w

          Great milestone to prove that transition is possible

          • Edwin wangombe

            46 w

            Yes... Prove the oil lords that the world can function better on clean energy

            • Lori Fortis

              46 w

              Hydrogen is the future

              • winnie nguru

                46 w

                A hydrogen train was launched in Canada a while back. Eagerly waiting for the hydrogen truck!

                • Princess

                  46 w

                  Hydrogen trucks are a promising alternative to diesel powered vehicles in the fight against climate change and the quest for sustainable transportation.

                  • Joseph Githinji

                    46 w

                    Going green is the ultimate goal. All climate change deniers must attest to this great innovation to save our planet.

                    • Richard Orengo

                      46 w

                      Looking forward to it.

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