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🌊 🚰 💙 Globally, more than 3 billion people rely on cross-border water supplies, yet only 24 out of 153 countries that share water resources have cooperation agreements in place. This World Water Day 2024, is themed ‘Leveraging water for Peace,’ because, in the face of increasing climate impacts and worldwide conflicts, cooperation is urgently needed. Water is more than just a resource, it is a human right.
Access to clean water is vital, especially for children, as it not only promotes health but also saves lives. Diseases like malaria, cholera, and diarrhoea—leading causes of death among children under 5—can be significantly reduced with access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation.
As we mark World Water Day on March 22nd, it is also important to recognise the crucial role companies can play in addressing water-related challenges. Their investments, innovations, and partnerships are instrumental in ensuring sustainable water management, fostering cooperation, and securing access to this fundamental human need.
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  • Sila Han

    1 w

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    • Jane Wangui

      3 w

      I wonder what it would feel like if I lacked water for just a day... everyone deserves a chance to have access to clean water for their survival...this can only be achieved if we help protect our environments.

      • johnte ndeto

        3 w

        Access to water is indeed a fundamental human right, and it's essential that we work together to ensure it for everyone.

        • Rashid Kamau

          3 w

          @johnte_ndeto Clean water and sanitation are two of the most basic human needs

        • Sarah Chabane

          3 w

          So important! Thanks for highlighting this on World Water Day

          • Boniface Kuria

            3 w

            @sarah_chabane_874 This is an issue that is so close to my heart. Living in sub-Saharan Africa, I have know how lack of access to clean water can do especially to the vulnerable in the society like women and children.

          • Munene Mugambi

            3 w

            The need for water across the world keeps on escalating daily. We need to ensure these needs are taken seriously especially on #WorldWaterDay. Provision of clean water is a basic right, let us ensure everyone has enough access to it.

            • Rashid Kamau

              3 w

              @munene_mugambi Water is essential to people's health and livelihoods.

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