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Global Recycling Day

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On the 18th of March 2021, Eco-Green Africa started the Sustainable School Recycling Project

Waste Segregation is an important aspect of Waste Management that is hardly practiced in Nigeria. So we started the Sustainable School Recycling Project, to sensitize the students and teachers on how to segregate their waste, its values, and benefits... from our survey the 3 major wastes generated in schools are Plastics, Paper/Cardboard, and Food Waste. The project was launched on Global Recycling Day - March 18th, 2021 and over two tonnes of Plastic Waste and other Recyclable Waste have been evacuated from the schools. These wastes are normally dumped in dumped sites and affect both the environment and human health negatively... We observed a positive behavioral change in the students cos most of them now segregate their waste at home. We still need to reach out to more schools... Watch ---

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  • Timothy Ndegwa

    86 w

    Great approach to manage Waste!

    • Tabitha Kimani

      86 w

      Great contribution towards waste management.

      • Gorffly mokua

        86 w

        Great Initiative! But after collecting this wastes from those respective Schools, where do you take it & how do you recycle it?

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