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Towards a symbiotic relationship: Innovations to address agriculture and climate change

The story of climate change and agriculture is very closely entwined. In fact, many scientific reports suggest that agriculture is the most endangered activity adversely affected by climate change, with grave consequences such as declining global crop yields and overall food security. Undoubtedly, unscheduled rainfall and other extreme weather events have devastating effects on crops. However, it is not only agriculture that suffers; the sector is also one of the contributors to the climate problem, with a share of 19-29% of total greenhouse gas emissions.
This Earth Day, as we commit to β€˜Invest in Our Planet’, we must look at how to maintain a balance between agriculture and climate change. This will be imperative to safeguard overall food security – a pressing global concern. As of 2021, approximately 11% of the global population went hungry, revealing a food system that operates at suboptimal levels and a world that is moving further away from the SDG goals of ending hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition.
How do we find a balance between agriculture and climate change?
An emerging paradigm in sustainable farming and a prerequisite for ensuring food security, put forward by agronomists and policymakers, is that of climate-smart agriculture. This emphasizes an integrated approach to landscape management with a focus on increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing resilience, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Climate-smart agriculture underscores the importance of innovation in developing low-carbon and carbon-neutral solutions to mitigate climate change impact and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the agricultural value chain.
-Importance of micronutrient coating on commodity fertilizers.
-Fertilizers for Nutrition, Growth, and Sustainability
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