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Acústica Marina

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Protecting whales from vessels and illegal activities with AI

Whales are essential for the fertilization of marine ecosystems and contribute to combatting climate change. They can even sequestrate carbon dioxide equivalent to 1000 trees. So their protection is a critical task we should all care about. Events like crashes with vessels are part of how human activities are affecting them. A technology developed in Chile uses buoys installed in the sea to monitor the submarine sound and warn ships about the presence of whales. This innovation is powered by solar energy and includes artificial intelligence (AI) to process the data and provide real-time alerts.
“Whale stranding is a global problem. The causes are not known for sure. However, the world scientific community has indicated that they are produced by the affectation of communications between cetaceans and the successive disorientation into which they fall due to noise,” says Marcela Ruiz, Marine Biologist and Founder and Executive Director of Acústica Marina. The buoys of her company are already working in two stations in the north of Chile. However, they are preparing to implement their technology in different parts of the country and to offer their system internationally.
The development of hydroacoustics detection with AI is promising and also allows this company to register possible harmful activities like illegal fishing.
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Boyas inteligentes de Acústica Marina miden ruido submarino y salvan ballenas

Esta startup de base científico-tecnológica diseña y fabrica boyas con inteligencia artificial que alerta a barcos sobre la presencia de especies marinas.

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  • Daniel Waweru

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    Brilliant idea

    • Tabitha Kimani

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      Very important. Well done.

      • walter lungayi

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        Great innovation

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