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Loopholes in Liberia's Logging Ban Threaten Forests

Mr. President,
I write to you urgently regarding a pressing threat to Liberia's invaluable forests: the proliferation of illegal chainsaw milling, particularly the production and trafficking of kpokolo timber. Despite our nation's efforts to establish regulations post-civil war, recent developments indicate a resurgence of illicit logging practices, undermining both forest conservation and the well-being of local communities.
Chainsaw milling, initially intended for small-scale domestic use, has been exploited by larger operators to evade regulations and bypass timber tracking systems. This has led to the unchecked harvesting of valuable hardwoods, including threatened species like ekki, iroko, and bilinga. The emergence of kpokolo production, characterized by its significant size and class, poses a grave threat to the integrity of Liberia's forests, undermining our efforts to ensure sustainable logging practices.
Furthermore, reports suggest complicity within regulatory authorities, exacerbating the situation. Despite sporadic enforcement actions, the lack of decisive measures and accountability perpetuates the illegal trade in kpokolo. Urgent action is needed to strengthen forest governance, enforce bans on illicit timber activities, and hold accountable those who facilitate or engage in illegal logging. Mr. President, I implore you to prioritize the preservation of Liberia's forests, ensuring their vitality for future generations and mitigating the adverse impacts of illegal logging on our environment and communities.

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  • Jane Wangui

    1 d

    Deforestation is an enemy of progress as trees play a vital role of reducing the amounts of Co2 on the planet.

    • Princess

      1 w

      The situation indeed demands urgent action.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        1 w

        Illegal logging is an enemy of the planet and it may leads to irreversible destruction

        • Joseph Githinji

          2 w

          Illegal logging is an environmental enemy that must be a thing of the past, it is sad to still hear about this debate at this time.

          • Annett Michuki..

            2 w

            deforestation is illegal, Africa as large needs to wake up

            • Christine Bro

              2 w

              The preservation of the forests can be achieved by protecting the already existing forests and preventing further illegal tree cutting and logging

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