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Climate and Sustainability are pn the line and have been for quite some time. Mother Earth's signs aren't enough for us to see that there are man made issues and forces of nature. We can control the issues. We can even control man if we need be. But we cannot control nature, not even by force, yet. But under my administration I would create a SIA and SAID. Sustainability Intelligence Agency and the Sustainability Artificial Intelligence Defense. May that will get everyone talking about the Right issues from the Right of Center, but definitely not MAGA. That's too far right. I'm Right of center. Yup, and PROUD of it. Because it'd be damned if I see tfg get to win anything from jail or prison. I'm Alex Johnson and I'm the Republican alternative to MAGA. I was a magna cum laude graduate in Engineering from the University of Michigan. Go Blue. Team Red. #JohnsonFor2024 find me on Twitter. #GenZ I'm fighting for you. Talk to me!

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