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Droughts in Kenya & digging update

Sad but true, the current state of drought in Kenya shows all the more why regreening is of such vital importance. The rain that was anticipated to fall this year has barely fallen, and rainfall forecasts for October to December 2022 predict 40 to 65% less rainfall than normal in the majority of Kenya. Some of the impacts of drought within our project areas:
  • People, their livestock and wildlife need to cover very large distances to access scarce (drinking) water. Rough conditions for our grass seed banks, as seeds dry out and are eaten by birds. Consequently, this affects the livelihoods of the Maasai women we support with this project.
  • The bunds don't get a chance to grow for a while, which puts the land at risk of further degradation.
If anything, the ongoing drought in Kenya is showing us the importance of regreening. Making dry land fertile and green again positively impacts water and food security, biodiversity, livelihoods and - eventually - our climate. That’s why we keep on having hope and anticipate for the rains to fall at the end of October, so we started our digging activities last week. With our partner Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and 100 members of the Olorika community, we will dig 14.400 earthsmiles in the coming weeks. We can regreen over 175 hectares of land by doing so. Let’s keep hoping, let’s keep digging 🌱
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  • Johannes Luiga

    31 w

    The drought on the Horn of Africa is truly disastrous. Glad to see this initiative!

    • Sarah Chabane

      31 w

      Very sad to read about the drought in Kenya, that's why we need you and your impact 💚

      • Justdiggit

        31 w

        @sarah_chabane Thanks for your support! 💚

      • Fredrick Nundu

        31 w

        let us keep greening and regreening Kenya to avoid this sad state of affairs

      • Tabitha Kimani

        31 w

        Good job. We need the bunds all over Kenya, the drought is serious.

        • Justdiggit

          31 w

          @tabitha_kimani The time to scale up & speed up is now!

        • Patrick Kiash

          31 w

          Its quite sad for current situations from over 39 counties in our country. but there is hope at least from your work, keep on digging @justdiggit

          • Justdiggit

            31 w

            @patrick_kiash Thanks for your support, Patrick 💪

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