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The animal kingdom is full of parasites that latch onto hosts, only to steal nutrients, shelter, or something else. Parasitic behavior can make anyone squirm, but don't panic: horsehair worms only pose a threat to insects (those poor, poor insects). . Fact: Like other parasites, some species of horsehair worms grow inside an insect host until they reach adulthood. But what sets these species apart is when it's ready to 'hatch', it doesn't just burrow its way out of the unfortunate host, it attaches itself to the host's nervous system. These species can change the behavior of the insect, an ability that helps the worm get closer to its regular marine habitat. The worm forces the host seek water and ultimately drown itself. From there, the worm burrows out of the carcass and goes on its merry way. . 🌎 OTHER THINGS: On a much lighter note (😂), we sent out our October quarterly-newsletter yesterday! Be sure to search your inbox for an email from Terrabyte, and add us as a trusted sender if you are having troubles finding it. A lot has been going on these past couple of months, like contributing to the Environmental Justice in Tech Webzine, making another ready-to-print bookmark set available on the online store, and winning a sustainable business award! If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, you can sign up either on the Pixel Planet Today website, or the Terrabyte one. (You can also access the Archive of past newsletters after signing up). . . Read more about horsehair worms:

. Graphic shows a worm swirling around a hypnotized eye. The factoid reads: "Some parasitic horsehair worms grow inside insects until they decide to alter the host's behavior to drown themselves." . Pixel Planet Today is created by @Terrabyte. Give us a follow and keep up with the other stuff we're doing. ❤️🌎 . . #animalart #animalfacts #weirdanimals #nematodes #wormfacts #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #terrabyte #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign
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    Nature never ceases to amaze with its strange but fascinating tales. Horsehair worms might make you squirm, but they're unique in their parasitic strategy, targeting insects. These crafty creatures manipulate their hosts, forcing them to seek water and meet their watery fate. It's a reminder of the incredible and complex interactions in the animal kingdom. 🌊🦠 #NatureFacts #WildlifeWonders #ClimateChange


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