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Renewables hit a record share in Australia

Australia got a late start on the shift to clean energy because of the previous government. But things are changing fast.

Earlier today, renewables accounted for 72.9% of the mix in Australia's main grid.
- Rooftop solar 44%
- Solar farms 14.8%
- Wind 12.3%
- Hydro 1.3%
That sent spot power prices to negative A$53.34/MWh

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  • walter lungayi

    30 w

    This is great news for Australia and the global effort to combat climate change. The fact that renewables have hit a record share in Australia shows that the country is making significant progress in transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy.

    • winnie nguru

      30 w

      This is encouraging.. It is doable!

      • Joseph Githinji

        30 w

        This are great news ,the good work of supporting clean energy should continue m

        • Abraham Jok Atem

          30 w

          Great news indeed

          • Rotich Kim

            30 w

            This is wonderful news we need more and fast transition

            • Gorffly mokua

              30 w

              This is impressive, such commitments is what we need.

              • johnte ndeto

                30 w

                Good to hear that Australia is catching up on the shift to clean energy

                • Johannes Luiga

                  30 w

                  We need these good news

                  • CHRIS NGATIA

                    30 w

                    Great news .. We need fast transition

                    • Elizabeth Gathigia

                      30 w

                      Absolutely amazing news, the faster we transit to renewable energies the better for safety of our planet

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