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Harvesting solar energy could cure your EV of its range anxiety

If you doubt that a car can absorb a lot of solar power, try sitting in one after it has baked for a while in a parking lot. Whether parked or on the road, our vehicles spend a lot of time in the sunshine. So why don’t more of them harvest power from it? Ambient solar power absorbed while commuting could potentially provide just enough energy to avoid having to stop to recharge. But so far the idea hasn’t worked out. Toyota has trialed a solar roof as an additional US $600 add-on to the Prius Prime, but the option received lukewarm reviews from testers at MotorTrend. Lightyear and Sono Motors, solar EV companies in Europe, are recovering from bouts of bankruptcy earlier this year. These are just growing pains, says Miguel Brito, an assistant professor at the Dom Luiz Institute in Portugal and an expert on solar-power infrastructure and technology. Completely solar-powered cars aren’t realistic, he says, but EVs that use solar cells to top up their stored energy could be a sweet spot. Such solar-assist technology might ease the stress on the electric grid as more and more vehicles kick their gas habits. “Instead of charging once a week, on average, you might charge every other week,” he says. “Doing so means that the same infrastructure is able to accommodate something like twice as many cars.”

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  • walter lungayi

    38 w

    Harvesting solar energy to power electric vehicles is a great idea. Not only reduces the dependence on traditional energy sources but also helps tackle range anxiety. However, it seems like the implementation of solar roofs on cars, like the one tested by Toyota, has not been very successful so far. Perhaps more research and development are needed to make this technology more efficient and cost-effective.

    • We Don't Have Time

      39 w

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      • George Kariuki

        39 w

        I am excited to see how this technology develops in the coming years.

        • Elizabeth Gathigia

          39 w

          Great great idea

          • Rotich Kim

            40 w

            This is brilliant idea we need to support and embrace it

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