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U.S. climate envoy heads to Beijing as world’s top polluters look for ways to stem crisis

Amid elevated tensions between the U.S. and China, and as heat waves, flooding and forest fires made worse by global warming rattle the globe, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry is set to arrive in Beijing as the world’s top two polluters seek ways to cooperate.

“It is imperative that China and the United States find a way to cooperate with respect to the climate crisis,” Kerry said in a May interview on MSNBC, adding that his initial invitation from climate counterpart Xie Zhenhua was put on hold due to tensions over self-ruled Taiwan.

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  • We Don't Have Time

    47 w

    Dear Ajema Lydiah Your climate love has received over 50 agrees! We have reached out to John Kerry by email and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! To reach more people and increase the chance of a response, click the Share button above to share the review on your social accounts. For every new member that joins We Don't Have Time from your network, we will plant a tree and attribute it to you! /Adam, We Don't Have Time

    • Saustine Lusanzu

      47 w

      Cooperation is what we need, Let the partnership be of fruitful

      • Tabitha Kimani

        47 w

        Solving the climate crisis requires all to be on board

        • Joseph Githinji

          47 w

          This is a great initiative if followed with good faith, it's my hope that this collaboration will not be politicized.

          • Princess

            47 w

            Its a good sign and have hoped for a positive outcome from these meetings.

            • Nicholle Bauer

              47 w

              Dawn Stephens right? I'm pretty sure they have phones in Japan! Anything to appear to be doing something while raping the budget and placating the masses

              • Rashid Kamau

                48 w

                Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity and needs to be tackled by all means.

                • rosebellendiritu

                  47 w

                  @rashid_kamau hope people will clearly understand this!

                • Dawn Stephens

                  48 w

                  Are they flying in on Private planes? Just asking! They need to stop the destruction & work on real action! Stop Fossil Fuel subsidies and use to make the imperative changes needed NOW… not in 20-30 years! #ClimateActionNow #ProtectEarth #Stopecocide #Stopfossilfuel #Stopfossilfuelsubsidies

                  Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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