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Enabling small farmers to become proper agri-businesses, reducing pressure on current food systems

Meet Energy Frontrunners Manamuz Electric, our last (but certainly not least) finalists from this series 🥁 ✅ “When we support farmers, we unlock the rural economy. Less than 3% of products that require refrigeration in Sub-Saharan Africa are refrigerated at the first mile [as] compared to around 94% in developed economies such as Europe. If you increase the shelf life of a product from 2 to 20 days… you are able to eliminate waste… You can’t have so many people hungry across the world and yet waste more than half of what you produce," explains CEO, Uzochukwu Mbamalu. Watch our video interview with him here: 👏 Enabling small farmers to become proper agri-businesses, this Nigeria-based company’s cool-storage solution aims to reduce the pressure on our current food systems. Perhaps most importantly, their technology overcomes the “chicken and egg problem” when it comes to economic biases that rural development faces. 📅 At SET Tech Festival on 20 September, you can meet Manamuz team and like-minded clean tech start-ups, match 1-on-1 with investors, and hear from industry leaders all committed to a #netzero2050. Check out our agenda and book your pass 👉 #CleanEnergy #QualityEnergyAccess #SDG7 #SETAward #SETTF22 #Offgrid Powered by the German Energy Agency, in co-operation with the World Energy Council. A special thanks to StartUpTV for partnering with us on our #EnergyFrontrunner series.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    92 w

    This is well-needed! Small farmers are too often left on the side of the transition 👏

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