How do we close the Value Gap?

Slow Fashion Week Hub - 30th August to 3rd of September!
On Wednesday the 30th of August, the first Slow Fashion Week Event till open the doors. Green Little Heart, as an impact platform, will participate and we will host a paneldiscussion around the topic - closing the Value Gap and switching Action Mood on!
Climate Change is a fact and the anxiety that comes with it, a big problem – especially for the younger generations. In this panel discussion, we will dive deeper into how we can inspire to switch on the action-mood and make all of us a part of the solution.
How can we with our impact platform and ecosystem encourage circular production and business models?
What is it that blocks us?
What makes us say one thing but in action do something else?
How can we develop an ecosystem of change & solutions?
How do we make it accessible and attractive?
Lillemor Svensson, CEO Nordic Natural Beauty
Therese Lundquist, CEO & Founder Green Little Heart
Selah Rui-Li, CEO & Co-Founder Ellure
Moderator: Shama Persson, CEO & Founder Golden Age Models
We will demonstrate how we can move to more On-demand product with technical innovations combined with changemakers and ecocsystem approch! A physical test will be performed.
You are very welcome and do please sign up through this link!
//Therese Lundquist

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