The unique story of Greenercoin and its CEO

The environmental impact of blockchain is a growing concern in the world of financial technology. The huge amounts of electricity needed to mine and process transactions of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin have been criticized for their contribution to climate change. Greenercoin was launched to offer an eco-responsible solution to this problem. Abdelilah Essaih, the founder of Greenercoin, in his superhero cape, will tell us a little more about his personal journey, his motivations and his plans for the future. In this interview, Abdelilah also shared his personal experience with environmental issues. As well as his vision of the importance of web 3 for personal data ownership. In this article, we will go deeper into the key points to better understand the impact of blockchain on the environment, the challenges and opportunities for eco-responsible projects, as well as the perspectives for the future of green financial technology. But most importantly, the personal story behind this project. Table of Contents 1. The Genesis of Greenercoin: Our CEO’s Story 2. Greenercoin’s goals and achievements 3. Greenercoin, web 3.0 and eco-responsibility 4. The final green word
The Genesis of Greenercoin: Our CEO’s Story Abdelilah Essaih, CEO of Greenercoin, is a mechanical engineer by training with a background in market finance. It was while launching his first blockchain technology startup, Electroethicoart, that he became aware of the pollution issues associated with blockchains, particularly bitcoin. Originally from Morocco, Abdelilah has seen firsthand the effects of climate change, with the desertification of soils in his native country, and he also witnesses the effects of greenhouse gases and drought in France, where he currently lives. Faced with this issue, our CEO had the idea to create Greenercoin, a crypto-currency that aims to be eco-responsible by using a more sustainable and less energy-consuming approach than traditional blockchains. By using the advantages of the web3, Greenercoin allows for a more responsible use of technology, while offering practical benefits to users, such as faster transaction times and lower costs. The genesis of Greenercoin is thus linked to Abdelilah Essaih’s environmental awareness, as well as his experience in market finance and blockchain technology. This unique combination of skills and interests has allowed this young entrepreneur to create an innovative solution to a major challenge of our time: the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy. Read our full article on our official website :

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