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A long time ago in an ocean not so far, far away, there lived an acorn worm named after a famous Jedi Master...
Meet Yoda purpurata – our May #OceanAnimalOfTheMonth and the only worm in the genus Yoda!
This alien-looking marine invertebrate was given the name due to its large ‘lateral lips’ on the side of its head, which reminded the scientists of the Jedi master’s distinctive floppy ears.
Discovered 2,500 metres or around 1.5 miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, they use these large, fleshy lips to feed on sea floor sediment and leave spiral traces of poo that resemble crop circles.
Some fast facts about the Yoda purpurata:
🧬 There are 111 different species of acorn worm
📏 Some species can grow to 1.5 metres long
👁️ The worms have no eyes and no tail
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    It's wonderful to see how the natural world can inspire creativity and connection to popular culture.

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