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Austin’s Creekside Restoration Program

The riparian zone is the transition area between the aquatic environment and the terrestrial environment. Healthy riparian buffers with mature vegetation provide a wide range of critical ecological and water quality services.
Removal of this native vegetative community and excessive mowing in these streamside areas degrades water quality and reduce wildlife habitat. By changing maintenance practices, adding “Grow Zone” buffers, and restoring natural plants along Austin’s waterways they began the process of healing urban streams and providing a greenbelt network for wildlife and future generations.
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  • George Kariuki

    4 w

    This is a fantastic initiative by Austin! Healthy riparian zones are crucial for the health of our waterways. They provide critical habitat for wildlife and help to improve water quality.

    • Kevin

      5 w

      A very incredible program by the Austin city.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        5 w

        Good job @city of Austin for this great program of restoration which leads a sustainable environment

        • walter lungayi

          5 w

          This demonstrates a proactive approach to improving water quality and wildlife habitat. By restoring natural vegetation along waterways, the program contributes to the revitalization of urban streams and the creation of a sustainable greenbelt network for future generations and wildlife.

          • Jane Wangui

            5 w

            Good job..If we all were to follow in their footsteps we'll surely move forward by making the world a better place for everyone.

            • Annett Michuki..

              5 w

              riparian land shiuld be reserved we have seen this floods in 2024 how they are affecting especially those deeloped near riparian

              • Saustine Lusanzu

                5 w

                Congratulations to the city of Austin, It is impressive to see sustainable projects shaping the world

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