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What will it take to end extractivism? 🚨
Originating from the Spanish-speaking Latin American context as 'extractavismo,' the word itself is rooted in indigenous people’s desperate need to resist colonialism, imperialism and the centralisation of power.
As extractivist practices continue to worsen inequalities, deplete natural resources, and generate advanced wealth for corporations, the need to protect land and community has grown more and more urgent.
And there are now legal ways to offer climate protection 👉
Strong legal frameworks can counter corporate power and illegal land dispossession, whilst supporting indigenous resistance. As you read this, the International Court of Justice is in the process of defining how governments and corporations should regulate extractivist practices. This case could be pivotal in the fight for climate justice.
Learn more about this unique legal case and its potential impact on Instagram @not.just.celsius. Follow and support those that started it all: @pisfcc & @wy4cj

  • Sarah Chabane

    2 w

    Thanks for sharing! What's the price of the green transition and its impact on local communities and biodiversity? Extractivism needs to be framed legally, do you have a link to the court case?


      1 w

      @sarah_chabane_874 Hi Sarah! Thanks for raising these interesting questions!! Transitioning to a greener economy definitely involves significant investments in renewable energy infrastructure, sustainable transportation, conservation efforts etc etc. but these investments are necessary to mitigating climate change and reduce environmental degradation in the long term! BUT, you are very right that it’s crucial to not leave anyone behind and ensure a just transition on all levels - including local communities and wildlife habitats! You can find more infos about the court case and any new developments on the Instagram accounts we've tagged - feel free to look around, there we have plenty more resources :)

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