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🌍 As we address the urgent issue of plastic pollution, let's remember: This isn't a local challenge, it's a global responsibility. 🌊 Despite contributing just 6% to plastic production, Africa’s shores carry 90% of ocean plastic. The world is interconnected, and our actions ripple across continents. 🌿 Fighting plastic pollution isn't just about cleaner seas. It's also about climate action. Plastic production creates emissions equivalent to the entire African continent - and reducing plastic use can help us lower global emissions and meet ambitious climate targets. 👏 The forthcoming global plastic treaty in 2024 is a step forward. But as we negotiate, we must act. From recycling more to reusing and diversifying, every step counts. 💪 Let's unite to turn the tide on plastic pollution and create a healthier, sustainable future for all. #PlasticPollution #ClimateChange #GlobalResponsibility

  • bonke reinhard

    47 w

    Powerful information now we are aware

    • Jordan Edmondson

      47 w

      I wasn't aware so much of the plastic ends up on Africa's shores! Thank you for sharing this. I really hope the plastic treaty will have a huge impact on plastic waste.

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