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Peru to sue Repsol for $4.5bn over oil spill. Judge allows government agency to continue to court.

Peru's consumer protection agency is suing Spanish oil firm Repsol over a huge oil spill which blackened beaches off the coast of Lima in January. The spill, which Peru called the worst ecological disaster around Lima in recent memory, leaked more than 10,000 barrels into the Pacific Ocean. The civil lawsuit seeks $3bn (£2.54bn) for environmental damage and $1.5bn (£1.27bn) for damages to locals. Repsol has denied responsibility. The company initially said the spill was caused by "sudden and extraordinary anomalous waves produced by the volcanic eruption in Tonga". However, it later blamed the oil tanker. On Tuesday, a Peruvian judge admitted the $4.5bn lawsuit by Indecopi against Repsol, meaning the case will go to court.

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  • Marine Stephan

    90 w

    YES! I love seeing people seeking accountability for oil spill

    • Sarah Chabane

      90 w

      Go Peru go! This oil spill was a terrible event Repsol should be held accountable for

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