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2 million SEK up for grabs for startups with ideas for the climate

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From left: Johan Lindehag, Johanna Mossberg, Jane Walerud, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Stefan Krook

One of Europe’s biggest energy and climate innovation challenges, Startup 4 Climate, opens today. The challenge is founded by GodEl and Ellevio with the aspiration to accelerate the energy transition. The best ideas, with the greatest impact on the energy and climate transition, will win.
- The energy issue is a key component of the transition to a climate neutral society. Startup 4 Climate is focused on solutions within the energy sector and the prize does make a big difference, says Gustaf Forsberg, founder of NitroCapt and one of last year’s winners.
The Uppsala based company, NitroCapt, took home first prize in 2022 for their new, chemical process for the production of fossil free fertilisers using air, water, and renewable energy. Since receiving the prize in November, things have been looking up; they have almost doubled their staff and are enjoying an ever increasing interest from customers all over Europe.
Startup 4 Climate was founded to contribute to the acceleration from current energy systems to those solutions that are smarter, more efficient, and have the potential to combine technical development with a reduced impact on the environment and the climate.
- Our intention with this challenge is to discover new ideas, innovations, and initiatives that can help realise common goals for a development that serves us, instead of one that happens at the expense of life on earth, says Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio, member of the jury, and co-founder of Startup 4 Climate.

Calling Swedish startups

Last year’s edition of Startup 4 Climate attracted a record number of participants and a big engagement through “the people’s vote”. In addition to NitroCapt, Halland based company Helios Innovations also received first prize for their exciting processing solutions that help factories save electricity and water.
Now the time has come again. 2 million SEK are up for grabs for young companies that can convince the jury of experts that their ideas are going to have the greatest impact on the energy and climate transition.
The challenge is aimed at Swedish startups and sets out to discover, highlight, and support entrepreneurs with innovations that can accelerate the energy transition. This could be through products or services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, makes energy use more efficient or brings about behavioural change.
- Many of the previous winners have acquired multimillion investments after winning Startup 4 Climate. Talk about a positive spiral, says Maria Erdmann, CEO of GodEl and co-founder of Startup 4 Climate. If there’s one thing we would like to put extra focus on this time it would be to get more women applicants this year. The energy industry ranks highly in terms of gender equality, and we would like for the group of participants to reflect that, Erdmann adds.

About Startup 4 Climate

  • One of Europe’s biggest innovation challenges with the aim to accelerate the energy transition. The best ideas, with the greatest impact on the energy and climate transition, will win.
  • The challenge is made possible thanks to a partnership between Ellevio and GodEl and is carried out in collaboration with the innovation growhouse THINGS and the social network We Don’t Have Time.
  • The jury consists of Johanna Mossberg, VP of Biorefinery and Energy at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Jane Walerud, Investor, Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Professor and Director of the Energy platform at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stefan Krook, founder of GodEl and Kivra, and Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio.
  • The submission period of Startup 4 Climate 2023 runs from 24 May until 20 August.
  • The submission period is followed by the people’s vote. The winners are announced at the final event in November.
  • Startup 4 Climate - Home

    An innovation challenge for catalyzing ideas that can speed up the energy transition and limit global warming to 1,5 degrees.

  • Patrick Kiash

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    Last year's engagement and learning new solutions from startups that submitted their ideas was a great journey! Looking forward to learning more this year too and participating in the votes. Goodluck all.

    • Ingmar Rentzhog

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      Here we go again! Good luck everyone!

      • GodEl

        2 d

        Yes ! we just kick starting the competition today. Apply now.

        • Sarah Chabane

          2 d


          • Markus Lutteman

            2 d

            Looking forward to learning about new exciting ideas and solutions!

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