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La ferme du Grand Laval

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Their farm welcomes more than 1500 species. Is this the future of agriculture? (Yes)

In 2006, Sébastien Blache and Elsa Gärtner took over the farm La Ferme du Grand Laval in Montélier, France, with one objective in mind: reconciling farming and biodiversity.
To achieve this, they switched from conventional to organic farming, diversified their crops, and recruited sheep and chickens to help take care of the land and weed. But more importantly, they created the conditions for the return of many animal species by building nearly 3 kilometers of hedges, ponds, and nesting boxes.
And it worked! In 17 years, the farm has become a biodiversity refuge, welcoming more than 1,500 species: 60 wild bees, 130 butterflies, 33 dragonflies, 200 pairs of sparrows... A whole new biodiverse ecosystem where wildlife doesn't only exist on the fringes of the farm, but within. The wild now is fully integrated and associated and is seen as an ally.

Picture by Charlie Delboy, Reporterre
Picture by Charlie Delboy, Reporterre

La Ferme du Grand Laval is such a great example of the role agriculture and farmers can play in the transition towards a green and nature-positive world!
Do you know any initiatives that farmers in your country or region have done in order to restore nature?
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  • winnie nguru

    46 w

    This is commitment at its best. Its so good to see that they met the objectives they intended to 17years later

    • Marine Stephan

      45 w

      @winnie_nguru yes it is! And what is even more impressive is that they managed to do so while being economically profitable, so they can actually live from what they grow on their farm and keep this project alive!

    • George Kariuki

      46 w

      By embracing similar principles and adopting sustainable practices, farmers can contribute to preserving and restoring biodiversity while ensuring food production.

      • zelda ninga

        46 w

        Farmers should emulate La Ferme du Grand Laval, they are a good example.

        • Johannes Luiga

          46 w

          Ça c’est tellement superb😊

          • walter lungayi

            46 w

            That's amazing work. We need more climate hero like this.

            • Sarah Chabane

              46 w

              This is so amazing!! 😍 and this is what agriculture should look like

              • Joyce Waturu

                46 w

                Absolutely.This model should be adopted by farmers across the globe.

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