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Peter Kamau

30 w

Richard Branson

Climate love

Richard turns Necker island into a truly unique, wholly sustainable, conservation haven for animals and people alike.

"On Necker Island, taking care of the environment and supporting the local community sit high on our agenda. Whether conserving some of the world’s endangered species, running the island on renewable energy, or making the most of the natural resources found in the British Virgin Islands, there are countless initiatives in place."Richard Branson Committed to ensuring Necker Island and the wider British Virgin Islands continues to thrive for years to come, watch the video to hear Richard Branson’s first-hand insights on the many ways in which the islands team is creating a truly unique, wholly sustainable, conservation haven for animals and people alike.

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  • Andrew Karim

    30 w

    Protection of endangered wildlife is admirable in a Brit. I am not a huge fan of wind turbines due to bird culling of endangered birds, but isn't it fantastic to hear this conservation island is run by renewable energy!

    • Patrick Kiash

      30 w

      Great noble action! impressive

      • Tabitha Kimani

        30 w

        Well done. Really nice and encouraging @Richard. A great leader.

        • Gorffly mokua

          30 w

          This is Incredible & captivating! He deserves a world recognition.

          • Peter Kamau

            30 w

            I'm marveled at the wonders of Necker Island and the incredible effort put forth by Richard to make this seem like a small haven on earth. It's justifiable that he's iconic and of immeasurable impact.I might call it sustainable legacy.

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