Negar Riahi's post To avoid toxic Biomaterials and save humanity via dentistry, the innovation from Arizona has been best solution I found for remediation Therapy and to prevent givning diagnoses via Novo-Hydroxyapatite. This solution has a diarienumber via EMA and sent to MPA to register this as a new Product. Small cavities 🦷 Will now Safety be repaired with regenerative material as the same substance God created our tooth enamel. Also another innovation is discussed via same Municipalities and TechConnect had registered the concept nr:2017 earlier. It is about great cement in dentistry before Novo-hydroxyapatite. CHT resin ceramic hydroxyapatite with delay will save humanity. Bio-Rad Laboratories has not been able to change the World yet with this action. Read about the details via Check on my blogg: Be careful not polluting the children and adults with chemicals that researchers warned about. Complete action Will be rules soon via Municipalities in Europe! ECHA #952586# EMA ASK-161513 Kemi MPA Naturvårdsverket 2023NV69330

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