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Accelerated electrification with 'Cracker of the Future'

Today, the Cracker of the Future consortium announces two new members and an acceleration of the development of the breakthrough technology to electrify the steam cracking process. This enables a revolutionary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The consortium is pleased and proud to announce two new member companies: Repsol and Versalis (Eni) have recently joined the consortium. The consortium, together with founders Borealis (member of the OMV Group), BP and TotalEnergies SE [1], operates approximately one third of the steam cracking capacity in the European Union [2], with production units in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany , Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. We have searched for the best technologies and understand their potential, development status and needs: There are various options for heating based on electricity, each with its advantages, opportunities, disadvantages and risks. The consortium has reviewed many electricity-based heating technologies and explored a number of them in more depth to evaluate development status and discuss potential collaborations with technology and equipment suppliers. We are now moving towards testing this breakthrough technology: We are in the process of evaluating several technology opportunities and will soon announce one of our promising preferred options, while a number of other promising concepts require further investigation before we can make a decision. Such a gradual funneling of opportunities allows the consortium to quickly choose the most promising technologies, while leaving room for potential new promising options. In the envisaged scenario, and with innovation support from the government, a demonstration of the technology could take place in 2023 and it could be commercially available as early as 2026. The availability of sufficient affordable renewable electricity (and infrastructure) is essential for commercial application.

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