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Please stop the CP2 LNG export project!
December 19, 2023
Dear FERC Commissioners:
I am writing to request that you reject Venture Global’s proposed CP2 LNG export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. This project would cause significant harm to local communities and the environment, and it is clearly not in the public interest.

The Commission itself has found that operation of the CP2 LNG terminal alone would emit at least 9.38 million tons per year of greenhouse gases—or 187.6 million tons assuming the project will operate for 20 years, worsening air pollution and climate change. It would be the largest volume of LNG ever approved for export, and the Commission calculated that the emissions from constructing and operating the terminal would cause between $2.17 and $12.31 billion in climate harms.

This project is proposed in an area that is already overburdened with industrial pollution, and it would exacerbate environmental injustice. CP2’s pollution, traffic, sprawl, and visual impact would hurt nine communities, including Cameron, Creole, Grand Lake, the Lake Charles suburbs, Vinton, Starks, and Deweyville, Texas, and would destroy irreplaceable wetlands, marshes, and chenieres along the Louisiana coast. Shrimpers and fishermen have helped lead the opposition to Calcasieu Pass LNG and CP2, citing the threats to their way of life.

CP2 LNG’s sister facility, Calcasieu Pass LNG, which will be located next door, has repeatedly violated its permit. That facility is regularly emitting nitrogen oxides and other air pollutants at higher levels than permitted, is suffering extensive engineering failures and leaks, and is looking to increase its air permit limits for most of its pollutants. Venture Global’s track record is a harbinger of what could come if CP2 is approved.

Given the ramifications on Gulf communities, the environment, and climate progress, FERC mustn't approve Venture Global’s CP2 project.

Sincerely, Andy

  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    16 w

    This letter passionately urges the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reject Venture Global's proposed CP2 LNG export facility in Louisiana. The concerns raised about the environmental and public health impacts, including substantial greenhouse gas emissions, align with the growing global awareness of the consequences of such projects. The emphasis on the potential harm to local communities, exacerbation of environmental injustice, and threats to ecosystems reflects the broader movement towards sustainable and responsible energy practices. The letter underscores the importance of considering the long-term consequences of such ventures, urging FERC to prioritize environmental and community well-being over short-term economic gains.

    • Rotich Kim

      16 w

      The letter is details we are hopefully that the aim of the letter will be realize

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