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Germany: Heat storage start-up Kraftblock receives 20 million euros

Germany: Kraftblock receives 20 million euros Six global investors are investing in the Saarland heat storage manufacturer, which wants to reduce CO2. Among them is Shell's venture capital arm. The granules in the containers can absorb unused waste heat, which is generated by industrial companies, and release it again up to two weeks later. The company Kraftblock collects 20 million euros. Six investors from countries all over the world are involved in the Saarland company. Kraftblock builds high-temperature storage systems. These are reservoirs in the form of rectangular blocks filled with granules. This granulate can absorb unused waste heat that is produced by industrial companies, for example, and release it again up to two weeks later. Such storage systems are becoming increasingly important as part of the energy transition. Jan Wittmaack, partner and expert for climate & sustainability in private equity at BCG says: "Thermal storage is an innovative and interesting approach because it stores energy that has so far simply been wasted." The heat storage tank from Kraftblock is currently being used in pilot projects in the ceramics industry and for drying construction sites. A building is dried with a kind of large heater.

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    This will likely accelerate the development and adoption of cleaner technologies, contributing to a greener future.

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