Climate warning

Sarah Chabane

18 w

Bp Plc

Climate warning

BP is planning to invest double more in fossil fuels as in renewables

BP has presented its plans for 2023 and the oil, gas and energy giant will once again prioritise fossil fuels over renewables, despite presenting itself as a green energy company.
The company has earmarked up to $7.5bn in oil and gas projects, compared with a range of $3bn to $5bn in “low-carbon” energy projects. BP also expects to increase spending on “resilient hydrocarbons” – oil and gas, refining and bioenergy projects – by up to $1bn in 2023
All of this, after a year of record profit for the company that has won from a rise in wholesale gas prices, fuelled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
“It’s astounding that in the middle of a climate emergency, BP is planning to invest billions more dollars on planet-warming fossil fuels than on clean, green renewables,” said Mike Childs, the head of policy at Friends of the Earth. But were we expecting better from BP though?

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More info on BP greenwashing efforts 👇

More BP Greenwashing For 2023, Less Tangible Progress Toward Clean Energy

This article unpacks the ways that BP greenwashing promotes its clean energy persona but masks its huge, continued investments in oil and gas.

BP criticised over plan to spend billions more on fossil fuels than green energy

Company’s oil and gas investments for 2023 will be as much as double those on renewables

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  • We Don't Have Time

    18 w

    Dear Sarah Chabane Thank you for getting your climate warning to level 2! We have reached out to Bp Plc and asked for a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

    • Saustine Lusanzu

      18 w

      So sad to hear about this

      • Edwin wangombe

        18 w

        It's sad to see others pulling the world back from achieving a green fossil free world

        • Ford Brodeur

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          • Johannes Luiga

            18 w

            No more investing in fossil fuels! The future is renewables

            • Muhammad Fahd Khan

              18 w


              Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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