Gerald Kutney's post

Dr. Michael E. Mann (American climatologist and geophysicist. He is the director of the Center for Science, Sustainability & the Media at the University of Pennsylvania): “If you’re looking to understand how climate change became so prominent in American politics, look no further than Gerald Kutney’s authoritative, and engaging primer on the topic, "Climate Denial in American Politics”. Having been on the frontlines of the social media “climate brawl” for years, he provides insights from the frontlines that will help you not only understand where denialism comes from, but how to join in the collective effort to fight back against it.”

  • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

    16 w

    Dr. Michael E. Mann, a prominent American climatologist and geophysicist, praises Gerald Kutney's book "Climate Denial in American Politics," acknowledging it as an authoritative and engaging primer on the subject. Mann emphasizes the book's value in understanding the prominence of climate change in American politics. Kutney's insights, drawn from his experience on the frontlines of the social media "climate brawl," are highlighted as beneficial for comprehending the origins of denialism and for equipping readers to join collective efforts in the fight against climate denial. Mann's endorsement underscores the significance of the book in addressing and combating climate change misinformation in the political landscape.

  • Munene Mugambi

    16 w

    There are sets of people who benefit greatly from climate denial or; the fossil fuel industry and they keep on pushing this agenda. Reject it

    • walter lungayi

      16 w

      It is encouraging to see experts like Dr. Mann recognizing the importance of fighting back against denialism.

      • Gerald Kutney

        16 w

        @walter_lungayi He has been a hero of the Twitter trenches for years doing just that.

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