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United Nations World Clean Energy Day webinar was recorded for YOU !
Hi I'm the founder of a new energy technology Active Kinetic 1. I'm fairly new to this platform and look forward to meeting a new network of renewable energy enthusiasts.
I believe that we are on the cusp of a much needed new era with an abundance of clean energy and I welcome anyone interested in the topic to join the discussion.
Earlier this month we celebrated the United Nations World Clean Energy Day, by hosting a free webinar. You are invited to view for FREE by visiting our Patreon channel:

While renewable energy does a great deal for the climate it will not solve the problem until we have a clean energy technology in the cornerstone. Active Kinetic 1 has the ability to provide 24 hour clean energy solutions and once adopted worldwide will help to reduce the energy crisis or might even supply the surplus in energy needed to avoid some of the impacts caused by the climate crisis.

Remember by spreading awareness you can help in mitigating the inevitable and predicted worst affects of climate change, just by sharing this information. 😊

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  • Rotich Kim

    9 w

    Great information this requires more innovation to explore the new system of energy

    • Andrew Karim

      10 w

      Any movement is kinetic energy? A ball moving, water flowing and wind are examples of kinetic energy because they move. Usually we can observe this using human senses. The eyes see movement of objects or light, you can feel or hear movement and often moving air exhibits a temperature change. On earth an object such as a ball thrown up into the air will move upwards, according to the laws of gravity it appears to eventually fall to the ground. This is an observable kinetic process where the upward force given to the ball from the throw forces the ball to move upwards and away from the Earth's motion of gravity. Gravity means that the earth is also continually moving. As the ball cannot sit on air so it continues moving at the same speed as gravity until it comes to rest on earth and the entire process is kinetic motion. Thanks for asking.

      • Sarah Chabane

        10 w

        Oh thanks for sharing! How does kinetic energy work if you had to explain it to a five-year-old?

        • Andrew Karim

          9 w

          @sarah_chabane_874 Active Kinetic 1 energy technology uses kinetic movement and will impact the energy landscape by generating clean electricity from untapped renewable energy resources such as sea waves and wind. We are keen to spread awareness and educate people about how the technology works. Thanks for the interest in Active Kinetic 1 and I hope you have many more questions.

        Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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