Grace Njeri's post

Can cruise ships be environmentally friendly?
Shipping companies have still not taken sufficient measures to protect the environment, the climate and public health.
Some of the world's biggest cruise companies are claiming to be green, while continuing to use weakly regulated fossil fuels.
It is time for a change.

  • Jane Wangui

    7 w

    Considering the amount of Money that Cruise ships gain from their journeys,they should invest in more environmental friendly ships to reduce the amount of pollution in the marine ecosystems.

    • johnte ndeto

      12 w

      Cruise ships being one of the most invested mode of transport climate friendly measures should be put in place

      • Kevin

        12 w

        They can have climate friendly cruise ships if they are willing to

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          12 w

          The revelation that some of the world's largest cruise companies are still relying on weakly regulated fossil fuels is deeply concerning. As the travel industry seeks to present a green image, it is crucial for shipping companies to align their practices with robust environmental standards. The urgency to protect the environment, climate, and public health requires a genuine commitment to responsible and sustainable operations.

          • Munene Mugambi

            12 w

            Cruise ships should certainly be environmentally friendly as they emit a lot when on fossil fuels

            • Grace Njeri

              12 w

              @munene_mugambi They need to be climate-friendly.

            • Rotich Kim

              13 w

              The manufacturer of cruise ship should but more consideration on acquatic animal life and reduce emissions to our water bodies

              • George Kariuki

                13 w

                This is grey area that can certainly be looked at.

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