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We Need a Moore's Law for the Carbon Footprint of Computing ​ In the climate crisis we have to look at how to reduce the carbon footprint of our computing. This would involve minimising green house gasses at production, use, recycling, and deconstruction at end of life. Buying our products in carbon intensive China is a suicide mission, and we can be leading the way to getting a cleaner China by ensuring that our component producing companies use renewable energy to power construction, which is now cheaper than new build fossil fuels. Factory cooling can be most cheaply done by planting trees nearby rather than having air conditioning, as Google has found to good effect. As the United Nations is attempting to plant a trillion trees, every one counts; if we plant the trees in equilateral triangles we can plant 15% more trees. (for mathematical proof see:

) We must now design our tech to use as little electricity as possible, and have a Moore’s law for efficiency instead of speed. Every time there is an increase in computer speed the software becomes sloppier, we can reduce future energy consumption by improving software design, minimalism must be made to be more important than “bell and whistles.” Do we need a new version of our favourite game every year when a new extra difficult level could be downloaded? Bloatware must be confined to the past. Mobile phones are renowned for having a battery that lasts for two years, and those phones that you can replace batteries with often die soon afterwards, this cynical design flaw should be removed by law. Refurbished tech should become a standard, once we break free from the tradition of replacing our tech every three years for insurance purposes we can have a Luddite policy of producing replacement parts for old tech (have you tried to get a replacement motherboard for one that has failed only to find you need a new chip and RAM as well?) New tech and software should only be allowed if it can be proven to cut CO2 emissions in the medium term, and this would have the effect of keeping prices down. All of these policies would help to spread computing into the developing world, either as new, refurbished or free.
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